About us

Life2Ledger was founded by Harry Boer and Siert Bruins in 2019. Life2Ledger aims to become one of the first GDPR compliant, remote, (medical) data solution providers guaranteeing authenticity, provenance and security of data with Blockchain technology.

Life2Ledger develops software that ensures the authenticity of data with distributed ledger technology

Current projects

Life2Ledger is currently operating various solutions in both the general IoT world as the IoMT healthcare sector.

The Founders

Q: What is our tool to accomplish our mission?
A: Innovation. The founders of Life2Ledger have a long history of technical innovation in IoT and IoMT driven environments.

Drs. Harry Boer (CEO/CTO) has many years experience in data analysis and software development. In 2016 he started developing in various Distributed Ledger Technologies in both financial- and healthcare environments.

Dr. Siert Bruins (CEO/COO) has ample experience in medical technology in hospitals and laboratories as well as new business generation. In 2016 he started working on Distributed Ledger Technologies in healtcare environments.