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- Life2Ledger receives EU/SNN grant -

Life2Ledger EU flag

Life2Ledger received a grant form the European Regional Development Fund (SNN) in order to develop a prototype for authentication during remote patient monitoring. Authentication will be guaranteed with Distributed Ledger Technologies (Blockchain). Use will be made of an in-house developed blockchain (PEBL) and Algorand.
PEBL, or Private Ephemeral Blockchain, serves to guarantee data authenticity during Io(M)T/sensor data transmission.
Algorand is an open source public blockchain based on a pure proof-of-stake consensus protocol that supports the scalability and transaction finality for billions making it the perfect choice for high throughput. During the second phase of the prototype project Life2Ledger will develop an Algorand Smart Contract to automate payments from health insurer to health provider to alleviate cumbersome administrative tasks for both health insurer and provider.